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New Mexico Weight Distance Permit 2024
New Mexico Weight Distance Tax ID Permit is required for any carrier 26,000 pounds or greater traveling highways in New Mexico
: $125.00

Detailed Description

What is the New Mexico Weight Distance Permit?
The New Mexico Weight Distance Permit is a tax license issued for the New Mexico Weight Distance Permit Tax.  Any motor carrier 26,001-80,000 pounds traveling on New Mexico highways is subject to this tax.  The tax is computed based on mileage traveled on New Mexico highways at a rate determined by the weight of the vehicle.
How long does it take to receive my permit?
Most New Mexico Weight Distance permits will be issued within 24 hours on business days (Monday thru Friday).  If the application is submitted on the weekend, the permit will be issued the next business day.
How long is the permit valid?
The New Mexico Weight Distance permits are valid through December 31st of the year they are issued for.
Can I just get temporaries instead?
You can, however, the tax is considerably less per mile with the annual permit versus the temporaries.  If you travel through New Mexico often, it is to your advantage to obtain the annual permit.
Once I have the New Mexico Weight Distance Permit, what do I need to do?
Once you have the permit issued, you will need to file your quarterly taxes in a timely manner to keep the permit in good standing with the state.  Quarterly reports are due on the last day of the month following the end of the quarter.  When applying, you have the option of filing the quarterly reports yourself, or having Interstate Authority file your reports electronically.  There is a $25 service fee per quarter if we file the reports for you.
I'm ready to order, now what?
Simply fill out the required information below and click Add to Cart to add the filing to your Service Cart.  If you need to add another permit or another vehicle, you can click on the Related Registrations / Filings at the bottom.  If this is the only permit and vehicle you need at this time, just click the Checkout Now button to complete the checkout process.
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