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USDOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium
All CDL drivers, even owner operators, must be registered with a USDOT compliant Drug and Alcohol Consortium.
: $298.00

Detailed Description

Our USDOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium is setup through S&G Associates Inc., one of the nation's leading USDOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium providers.  Once setup, your Drug and Alcohol Program will include the following:
  • Policy development, includes policy manual and employee handout
  • DHHS certified laboratory (Clinical Reference Laboratory)
  • Urine drug test collections
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • Medical Review Officer service
  • Supervisor training (in person if possible)
  • Computerized random selection list
  • Blind sample quality control submission to laboratory
  • Recordkeeping assistance
  • SAP locating service
  • No additional cost for random test
When you're ready to get setup, fill out the attached questionnaire below.  This will help us develop your company's Drug and Alcohol Policy Manual. Once complete, click Add to Cart at the bottom to add the filing to your Service Cart.  If this is the only service you need at this time, just click the Checkout Now button to complete the registration.

Start Registration

Person to be Employer contact to receive test results:
Alternate person to receive test results:
Positive Drug Test Result- If an employee tests positive for drug(s), we plan to:
Refusal to Test- If the employee refuses to take a required alcohol or drug test, will the employee be:
If you answered "Other" above, please specify:
Alcohol Test of .02 or greater and less than .04- NOTE: When employees test at .02 or over, but less than .04, they must be removed from driving duties for 24hrs. The first time the employee will be?
If you answered "Other" above, please specify:
An employee that test at 0.02 or greater a second time will be:
Alcohol Test Result of .04 or Above- Employees who test at .04 or over must be REMOVED from a covered position and referred to a SAP
Possession of Alcohol- 49 CFR 392.5 prohibits possession of alcoholic beverages in commercial vehicles. Alcohol is also prohibited:
What action do you intend to take if an employee is using alcohol while on-duty:
Testing for alcohol may only be done when employees are "ready for duty". What portion of the day are your employees expected to be "ready for duty"?
If you answered "Other" above, please specify:
If you have already chosen a Substance Abuse Professional evaluations, please list the SAP Name, Address, and Phone:
SAP Name, Address, Phone99999 characters remaining
Who will be responsible for cost of SAP evaluation?
If a rehabilitation program is allowed, who will pay for it?
While in rehabilitation the employee will be?
Who will pay for Return-to-Duty and Follow-up testing?