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Broker Authority Package
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration registration packages for companies that arrange loads between shippers and other for-hire motor carriers.
: $698.00

Detailed Description

What is a Broker Authority?
A Broker Authority is a license issued and granted by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) that allows a company to arrange the transportation of cargo belonging to others by using for-hire carriers to provide the actual transportation of the cargo.  Once your Authority is applied for, you will be issued an MC number by the FMCSA.
Why should I let Interstate Authority take care of the application process?
First, we save you time.  Just answer a few simple questions and we will prepare the application and get the MC number issued for you. Secondly, we give you peace of mind.  You don't have to worry that your application may contain mistakes that could delay your grant date or get your application rejected altogether.  Finally, we save you money.  Our service fees are much lower than other reputable registration services.  Match that with our unbeatable customer service and support, it's a no-brainer.
How does the Broker Authority application process work?
Once we complete the application for your Broker Authority, you will be issued a pending MC number.  This MC number will remain pending for at least 18-21 days due to the federal protest period. 
In order for your authority to be granted at the end of the protest period, your final step will be the FMCSA Bonding Requirement.  The BMC-84 or BMC-85, is a form submitted by your insurance company or financial institution to verify a surety bond or trust fund with $75,000 coverage.  You do have up to 90 days to file the bond if needed.  If you don't have a company for this filing, contact us and we can recommend a reputable company.
Premium Package $698 - (MC and USDOT Numbers) - The Premium Broker Package includes the $300 Federal filing fee, the generation of a new MC and USDOT number for your Broker Authority.  We also include the Unified Carrier Registration and the BOC-3 Process Agents Service free for the first calendar year of coverage.    
Okay, I'm ready to move forward, now what?
Simply complete the required information below and click Add to Cart to add the package to your Service Cart. If this is all you need at this time, just click the Checkout Now button to complete the registration process.

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