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FMCSA MC Authority Reinstatement
FMCSA Authority Reinstatement for MC or FF Numbers that are currently "Inactive" so that the USDOT shows "Not Authorized".
: $200.00

Detailed Description

FMCSA Authority Reinstatement is for MC or FF Numbers that are currently in an "Inactive" status with the FMCSA.  We'll have your reinstatement paperwork and fees submitted to the FMCSA within minutes.  We will not need your USDOT PIN or your MC Docket PIN in order to reinstate your company's authority.  You will need to have your insurance or bonding verification in place before the FMCSA will process the reinstatement.  Below is a guide to the FMCSA filing(s) you'll need to request from your insurance or bonding company.  The FMCSA usually processes our reinstatement requests within 24 hours and your authority will generally go active about 3-4 business days after that.

Electronic Insurance Verification Type Needed to Reinstate:

Broker (Property or Household Goods) - BMC-84 or BMC-85
Property Carrier - BMC-91
Household Good Carrier - BMC-91 and BMC-34
Freight Forwarder - BMC-84 or BMC-85 and BMC-91

I'm ready to reinstate, now what?

Simply click the appropriate authority type below and click Add to Cart to add to your Service Cart.  From there, just click the Checkout Now button to complete the reinstatement process.

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