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Terms and Conditions

Some packages, state permits, and tax filings may require additional personal, company, and/or vehicle information.  In these cases, an customer service agent will need to contact you following your purchase.  Please make sure your contact information is correct to ensure there are no delays.

BO C-3 Designation of Process Agents Client Agreement

u pon purchase of the BOC-3 filing, or filing containing a BOC-3 filing, you will designate 1 Stop Processing LLC, the parent company of, as your representative Company with Blanket Designations for BOC-3 Forms and agree to use their blanket designations on file with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, to assign an agent of process in every state on your behalf.  The process agents assigned on your behalf are solely representatives of 1 Stop Processing LLC and in no way directly represent you or your company unless negotiated separately.  In the event an agent is served court papers on your behalf, you hereby authorize them to forward the document(s) to you or your company by certified mail and bill you or your company for reasonable time and costs incurred.