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FMCSA Authority Application Reinstatement
Reinstatement of FMCSA Authority Applications that have been "Dismissed" by the FMCSA because insurance verification was not filed within 90 days of application date.
: $150.00

Detailed Description

FMCSA Authority Application Reinstatement is for MC or FF applications that have been "Dismissed" by the FMCSA because the Insurance Verification and/or Designation of Process Agents were not filed within 90 days of the application date.  We will prepare and submit a written petition to the FMCSA to reinstate your "Dismissed" application so you can avoid paying the FMCSA’s $300 filing fee again and also avoid the hassle of resubmitting a new application. 

Once your petition is processed by the FMCSA, your original application will be reset to a “Pending” status for a short period of time and will typically go to an “Active” status with about 5-7 days.

I'm ready to reinstate, now what?

Simply click Add to Cart to add the service to your Service Cart.  From there, just click the Checkout Now button to complete the reinstatement process.